Lime Crime Pop Culture part 2 & review #mobile

Do not forget to visit for the next artist challenge: yellow lips. Mac cosmetics is available online, in most major department stores in Orlando, and at the Mac Stores in Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia. Lime Crime is available online and in South Florida. Makeup in Orlando Etiquette in Orlando Orlando Makeup Artist Makeup Artist in Orlando Orlando … Continue reading

Lime Crime Pop Culture part 1

  Several of the articles by this author incorporate Lime Crime Makeup. Lime Crime is highly pigmented and survives Orlando’s weather trends, heat, and humidity. (Examiner note: local reference to weather in Orlando.) This author is working on getting Lime Crime products into the Orlando market. We already have clever false eyelashes at, which … Continue reading

Easter egg swirl

Orlando Makeup Examiner  |  Orlando Etiquette Examiner Beauty Supplies: Modeling:http://www.orlandofreelancemodel.com This article was remotely published on an Apple iPad 2. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations.  Notes: Photos were taken with an original Canon EOS Rebel, a Canon 7D, an iPad 2, and/or … Continue reading

The “f” word

Fuchsia is a fun, bright color in line with spring fashion week trends. It is pink like Florida flamingos and vivid for Easter. Fuchsia typically works well with most skin tones. This look is fabulous for brown and hazel eyes and should not be restricted to only Easter.  Urban Decay cosmetics are available in Orlando at Ulta (Altamonte Mall, Winter Park Village, and across from … Continue reading

Light, bright, & airy – not your date, a lipstick

Ten days of lipstick begins with… She awoke this morning with boredom at having to spend another day at the office, where she performed data entry and clerical tasks.  Another Thursday in Orlando. The day started cloudy, dark, and dreary, but maybe it was just her mindset. It was to be a beautiful day.  She suited up likeBarney Stinson on How I Met Your … Continue reading

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